Pizza Ovens

We changed from natural gas deck ovens to electric deck ovens. Not only did we ditch natural gas to lower our fossil fuel consumption, but the added benefit is that now our employees and customers do not need to be exposed to natural gas that produces the byproduct of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), an air pollutant that can reduce lung function, cause inflammation of airways, increase asthma attacks, and exacerbate other respiratory issues, according to the American Lung Association.

pizzamaster oven
induction cook top

Induction Cooktops

We changed from natural gas cooktops to electric induction cooktops. See pizza ovens for why we did this.

bryant heat pump


We changed from a natural gas furnace to an efficient air sourced heat pump.

hybrid hot water heater

Hot Water

We changed from an electric hot water heater to a hybrid hot water heater (air sourced heat pump with a back-up electric element).

LED light bulb

LED Lighting

We changed from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting.

zoe's black electric delivery car

Electric Vehicle Fleet

We have an 100% battery electric vehicle fleet of seven vehicles. Four of the EVs are Chevrolet Bolts that are used specifically for delivery. One of the EVs is a Ford eTransit cargo van that is used for special events, hauling products, and maintenance. The other two EVs are used for general purposes and fill-in delivery vehicles.

Plant-Based Menu Items

In 2023 we added more plant-based menu items.  We also have improved some of our previous plant-based menu items for what we think are better tasting products.  On Earth Day 2024, we committed to not selling beef, lamb or shellfish products due to their high greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of food, protein and kilocalories.

vegan pesto pizza