Meet the owners Michele and Chris Meyer. Michele grew up in New York, then moved to Wisconsin after graduating from college. Chris grew up and graduated from college in Wisconsin. Before opening Zoe’s Pizzeria, Chris was a real estate appraiser and home builder for over 20 years and Michele worked as a veterinary assistant. Michele and Chris have two adult children (Madi & Sam).

In 2010, Michele and Chris opened Zoe’s Pizzeria. The menu is a blend of traditional New York and old school Wisconsin, with a sprinkle of other global influences from Chris and Michele’s many years of travel adventures. Zoe’s Pizzeria strives to have a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, while providing customers with an excellent food and service experience.

Zoe’s Pizzeria has an amazing team of staff members. Many on the team have been with Zoe’s for a long time and are considered family. The team is never satisfied, and consistently work on improving menu items and the customer experience.

Helpful notes about Zoe’s Pizzeria are that dine-in is counter service, pizza by the slice is offered during lunchtime hours, and delivery is a big part of the restaurant service. If you were curious about where the name Zoe came from, check out our blog post.

Michelle and Chris the founders of Zoe's Pizzeria