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Delivery Driver

For this position, delivery drivers use the provided Zoe’s Pizzeria delivery vehicles and cell phones to deliver food to customers in a safe and timely manner, while maintaining a friendly demeaner. In between deliveries, delivery drivers provide excellent customer service in the store while answering the phone, taking orders, and ringing up customers.  Delivery drivers are responsible for washing and putting away dishes, food prep and occasionally helping with other tasks such as folding boxes, stamping bags, picking up inventory from our warehouse, etc.  In addition, drivers sweep and mop at the end of their shift along with other daily cleaning task.   Drivers bend and lift up to 50 pounds.  Drivers must be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license and be approved by our auto insurance along with a favorable auto insurance rating. 

FRONT OF HOUSE:  For this position, this person is the primary contact for customers and are responsible for answering phone calls, taking orders and getting the completed orders to customers who come in to pick up their food. This job requires a friendly demeanor, providing exceptional customer service and the ability to multi-task. In between customer interactions, you will be cleaning and restocking the lobby and counters. This job will also sometimes include getting appetizers, salads and desserts ready.

KITCHEN STAFF: This position is responsible for preparing, cooking, and packaging all food items in a timely matter, while upholding high standards of quality and consistency. Kitchen positions require you to be able to bend and lift up to 50 pounds, as well as bending to clean, sweep etc. You will also be expected to answer the phone, take orders and ring up customers’ orders in a friendly demeanor, while providing excellent customer service.

Depending on the shift, other tasks performed are food prep for the next day, restocking food items, making pizza dough, portioning and rotating food items and being able to read and follow recipes. Ability to multi-task, attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced environment are required.

 This position includes the job description of Kitchen Staff and additionally has the task of leading and motivating their team for that shift. This includes creating a list of items that need to be done for that day/night and making sure that they are completed. Making sure individual team members complete necessary tasks before their shift is complete and determine when team members are okay to clock out. This position also involves dealing with any customer service problems and trying to resolve the situation. Closing Shift Managers/Shift Leads are responsible for adjusting tips and distributing money, counting and balancing the till, running end of day and leaving the store neat, orderly and locked up for the night.

The position of Assistant Manager consists of being able to perform all the previous positions and knowing the job duties that all the other positions entail. In addition to that, the assistant manager is responsible for weekly inventory and ordering food, beverages and all other supplies. This manager is responsible for ensuring the quality of the food that leaves the kitchen, training new staff, creating weekly specials, handling any problems with customer orders and resolving the situation to the best of their ability. The same goes for any problems or conflicts with employees.

The position also involves staying on top of dough management, food prep management and ensuring that Zoe’s Pizzeria is always well stocked. This manager will also delegate tasks to ensure that the restaurant stays clean, organized and well maintained. This manager is expected to take on some General Manager responsibilities in the absence of the General Manager or when the GM does not have time. Such as approving time clock punches, writing up handouts, disciplining employees, scheduling, etc.

The General Manager must be able to perform all job duties and fill in for other positions as needed. In addition, this manager is responsible for creating and publishing the weekly schedule and making sure all positions are filled when employees have time off requests and for approving or denying all time off requests. Additionally, the GM advertises for, interviews, hires and fires all employees and is responsible to giving written and/or verbal warnings to employees as needed. The GM must make sure that all new employees complete and submit the appropriate paperwork and that it is filed correctly. Additionally, the GM determines new employee training schedules. The GM also approves all time punches and corrections on a weekly basis, and totals up hours and driver tips on a bi-weekly basis.

The GM is responsible to keeping the recipe book inserts up to date, instructional handouts up to date, allergen information up to date, and all other pertinent and posted information current. The GM oversees the duties of the Assistant Manager and assists with employee training.

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